High-Quality Materials for Your Construction Needs:
Phend & Brown Delivers Sand, Gravel, Limestone, and More
At Phend & Brown, we are committed to providing high-quality construction materials to clients throughout northern Indiana. Our Leesburg Aggregate Plant can meet your sand, gravel, and crushed limestone needs. In addition, our Leesburg and Disko Asphalt Plants produce quality hot mix asphalt and cold patch materials available for customer pickup.

Our materials services include:

  • Aggregates: We can provide high-quality sand, gravel, and crushed limestone for a wide range of construction projects, ensuring that your project has the materials it needs to succeed.
  • Hot Mix Asphalt: Our Leesburg and Disko Asphalt Plants produce quality hot mix asphalt that meets the strictest standards of quality and durability, ensuring that your paving project stands up to heavy use and harsh weather conditions.
  • Cold Patch Materials: We also offer cold patch materials for temporary patchings, such as filling potholes and repairing damaged pavement.
No matter what type of construction project you have in mind, Phend & Brown has the materials you need to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our materials services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Ready to start your construction project in northern Indiana?

Let us help you achieve your goals with our expert services and commitment to quality.

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